The Call Process for TLC's

The following steps with a checkmark have been completed as of March 6, 2017:

  Step 1. The Call Committee is established according to congregational constitutional provisions. The members of the Committee are installed and are publicized to the congregation using a variety of means.

 Step 2. The Office of Bishop may conduct a Council/Call Committee visit, including setting a date for a congregation-wide Senior Pastor Informational Survey.

 Step 3. Members of the Call Committee will attend the Synod-sponsored "Healthy Congregations" workshop.  Members of the current Church Council have attended the first workshop. 

 Step 4. The Call Committee develops and submits to the Bishop’s office a “Ministry Site Profile” and a compilation of the data collected at the Congregational Event or through the intentional interim process.

 Step 5.
The office of the Bishop enters into a time of intentional prayer and discernment to find and determine potential candidates to offer your Call Committee for interviews. The Call Committee then receives names of candidates from the office of the Bishop to begin the interview process.

 Step 6. The Call Committee interviews candidates, while remaining in contact with the Bishop’s office. 

____Step 7. The Call Committee recommends a Pastor to the Council.

____Step 8. The Council considers the recommendation of the Call Committee. The Council may choose to interview the candidate as well. The Council then votes on whether or not to recommend the candidate to the Congregation (a 2/3 majority) along with a recommended compensation package (simple majority). If the candidate is approved, the Council sets a Congregational Meeting date. The Letter of Call is then sent to the Bishop’s Office. If the candidate is not approved, the Call Committee is asked to recommend an alternative candidate. 

____Step 9. At the Congregational Meeting, the Congregation votes on whether or not to extend a call to this pastor (a 2/3 majority), and on a second ballot votes on the compensation package (simple majority).

____Step 10. If approved by the Congregation, the Candidate has up to 30 days to decide on the call. If he/she accepts call, they notify the Congregation and the Office of the Bishop of their start date. If they reject the call, the Call Committee goes back to step #6 (and they may wish to consider updating their Ministry Site Profile).

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